Is the 4S shop still equipped with a reversing radar or panoramic reversing image?
It should not be affected. In the relevant provisions of the Three Guarantees, the "Chapter VI Three Guarantees Liability Exemption, Article 30. During the warr
Some small knowledge of parking sensor
Although every car has a rearview mirror, there is inevitably a blind spot in the rearview mirror. To make up for this shortcoming, retrofit radar has become the choice of many new car owners. So what exactly is the performance of many parking sensors on
Explanation of the principle of rear reversing radar in car reversing radar
Reversing radar is a car safety auxiliary device composed of an ultrasonic sensor, a controller and a display (some models are replaced by a buzzer). It is used
Shaanxi Haimo patented fracturing technology to help tight gas in Changqing Oilfield
On November 27th, good news came from the Sulige tight gas field in Changqing Oilfield. Well Su-36-x-xH1, which was constructed using the Hemer temporary fracturing technology, completed the blowout test. The maximum wellhead pressure at the shut-in well
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